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Summer is the season

Summer is the season when grapes ripen. Pengzhen's efficient agricultural landscape, combined with tourism Parliament Cigarettes, this beautiful pastoral scenery attracts many tourists to enter the gate of ��Yufeng Ecological Grape Picking Base��. People coming and going, enjoying and tasting grapes on the cultural grape promenade . The top of the head is covered with cobwebs and green leaves that cover the sun. Here, the summer sultry retreat, I feel a cool, oncoming, many people, the air is still so fresh under the pergola, a string, a bunch of grapes, red, pink, purple, green, black Like a colorful decorative balloon, hanging densely, welcoming the guests, occasionally, a trace of sunshine, from the gap of the awning, drilling in, a touch of sunshine in the shade of the green, do not have some fun. Under the six flavors of vines carefully cultivated and grafted by technicians, some tourists are attracted to take pictures. Those handsome guys or beautiful women, holding two bunches of grapes with their hands, make a shape, a smile. Taste the rose-flavored, lychee-flavored grapes with a rich, fruity flavour, thin flesh and even fruit. There is no shortage of fine products in the grape, and the 5,000-mu grape base is in sight. The cooperative is set up here. From now to October, 15 varieties of grapes have matured, and the people who purchase the grapes are also the way to go through the fine, refined, green products and pollution-free roads. Replacing chemical pesticides with bio-farms, farmhouse fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers Marlboro Lights, and groundwater filtering through watering, the spray nozzles spray even water mist, the grapes are washed one by one, like crystal clear colored beads, a string Hanging, so dazzling. A visitor said: "The fruit is so safe to eat. If vegetables and food are grown like this, how can we watch and buy the grapes? The tourists will go to the farmhouse under the shade and enjoy the fruitful grapes. Chess table tea, leisure or eating snacks Cheap Cigarettes, is also a love of Peng Town is a shackle of Shuangliu, Shuangliu is rich in grapes, far and near famous. Foreigners come here. Local people are no exception. Shuangliu people can say that most people Brewed wine Wholesale Cigarettes, the grapes are ripe Cigarettes For Sale, go to the base to buy. Purple grapes are cheaper, red is a little more expensive. Red wine, red and bright, the taste is also very pure. It is the best for self-drinking, hospitality The grape base, when the grapes matured, brought business opportunities to the town; it brought excitement and brought prosperity

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