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Nike products from track and gymnasium began the country

Article comments, in recent years, due to admire the saddle, Nike Air Max 2014 Men many teenagers don't borrow commit murder, stealing and even malignant incidents, helpless, the shopkeeper had all seek so "ego to protect".Nike has a "myth" grow in 1960s, founded at the beginning of, small size, are likely to collapse. Dianah worman of the two founders cloth and knight will both have their offices, company and complete management institution. In 1985, Nike global profit for $13 million, 1994, the company's global turnover of us $48 billion, Its market share in the corner on the adidas is more than twice that of 24%. Nike's growth slowing pace does not.

95 years, compared with 2005 global sales rose 38% pre-tax profit growth, 55%, Nike stock rises quickly, two years ago, has soared to $43 per share $103 2006. Wall Street analysts and investors, many of the people in the 1980s had not valued Nike: "Nike and not much." Now give way: "god is like to create a myth, so he chose our unexpected Nike."Nike myth because "god giveth"? Nike's President knight said: "yes, it is. We 'consumer god and god' dialogue with the magic tools Nike AD..."Advertising on political communication Nike President commented: Nike notice, the advertisement effect of communication by the Nike Air Max Thea Women brand, rapid growth.

Nike's early works of advertisement publicizing product focuses on the technical advantage, because when brand positioning in formal sports players on the market. Of course, some leisure runners and exercise also buy Nike shoes, a comfortable, but also for Nike Air Max Thea Men promotional: who owns the Nike, who knew sports! This has certain influence to consumers. But this period of Nike AD are real communication, Nike's communication in its "advertisement advertisement is produced in the reform.In the 1980s, Nike products from track and gymnasium began the country . Nike must not lose regular sports market situation, trying to expand Nike AD appeal, therefore Levi like Nike brand (must be the leading brand of jeans, become part of the youth culture and identity symbol.

Nike Roshe Run Women in two completely different market, it is difficult to face in the popular consciousness and propaganda on how to achieve a balance athletic achievements, Nike and beginning to reconsider its advertising strategies.In 1986, a propaganda Nike inflatable advertising is really insoles, in advertising film using a new Nike, not only by the creative product technical performance and promotion gimmick, but the advantage of representative and the symbol of the famous hippie famous songs played the beatles "revolution" in rebel figure new rhythm, melody, a group of wear Nike products of americans are deluded to exercise,This advertisement accurately to just the exercise of the change of wind and times, make fashionable refreshing.

Nike originally used as a major advertising media, journal of competitive players to transfer information, but since then, TV advertising became Nike's main ", "the spokesman made Nike AD will be able to adapt the new development of the product market.Nike Roshe Run Men strain was very successful, firstly embodies in the company's market share growth: over the reebok company became the new shoes market dominance. Nike's long-term rival reebok companies also have to like Nike emphasis on communication style rather than product function, at the same time the reebok company to recognize as Chiat advertising agents, who in the 1980s when a Nike's agent, thus revive. However, Nike product style and advantages in the consumers' mind occupied unshakable positions.

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