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The History Of The Chair

From each of the furniture needs, the chair may be the most imperative. While the majority of other forms (save for the bed) are designed to support objects, the chair supports your human form. The term chair must be viewed here in the widest sense, from stool to throne to further items including the bench and sofa, which may be regarded as extended or connected chairs, and whose character (i.e., whether they are intended for sitting or reclining) is not clearly labeled.
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The social history of the chair is as curious as its history as a creative craft. The chair is not simply a physical support and/or an aesthetic piece of art; it can also be an indicator of social ranking. From the historical royal courts there were social signifiers between being seated on a chair with arms, on a chair with a back but without arms, or having to use a stool. Since the recent century, a director's and manager's chair has been regarded as iconic of superior dignity, and in democratic government debate the speaker sits on a high-set platform.
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As its furniture form, the chair holds a wealth of different models. There are chairs created to attend to man's age and physical abilities (the high chair, the wheelchair) and to denote his status in society (the executive chair, the throne). Since historical times there were chairs used for birthing (birth chairs); from the 20th century, there have been chairs used for ending life (the electric chair). We have chairs with one, two, three, or four legs, chairs with or without arms, and chairs with or without backs. We have chairs that can be folded, chairs on wheels, and chairs on runners.
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Our lifestyle has designated unique chairs for automobiles and aircraft. Every one of these chair shapes has been perfected to conform to evolving human desires. Because of its close link with man, the chair lives to its full significance only when being utilised. Though it doesn't make a difference to one's appreciation of a cupboard or a dresser drawers whether there might be items inside or not, a chair is really seen best and tested by a person utilising it, for chair and sitter need one another. Thus the several areas of a chair were named like the names of a human shape: arms, legs, feet, back, and seat.

Because the clear purpose of a chair is to support our human body, its value is judged basically by how well it does measure up to this practical job. Within the design of a chair, the carpenter is limited with some static regulation and principal measurements. In these limits, however, the chair maker has marvellous freedom.

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