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Eat right:

Something else that is great for your lashes is being healthy, says Lyons. Eating a vitamin rich diet with lots of protein, fruits and veggies, and drinking lots of water is a great way to encourage hair growth, both on your head and on your face! Some supplements, like biotin, can be a huge asset as well.
Careful eye makeup removal:
Too many parties equal can equal too mascara, which equals not properly removing mascara, which equals unhealthy lashes that will clog the follicle leading to pre-mature fall out and even swollen eyelash follicles called Blepharitis, says Marisa Martino, co-founder of New York’s SKINNEY Medspa. Make it a habit to always remove all of your eye makeup before heading to bed. If you leave your mascara on during the night it can cause breakage.
There are many tricks when it comes to eyelash growth and using product that works to help you get naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelashes. Here you can also take a try of these effective and natural product such as lumigan genericthat are helpful to increase eyelash length and flaunt a more seductive look. Now you can easily buy lumigan eyelash growth serum without any prescription, and enjoy fabulous lash in 4-8 weeks. Just buy with confidence.

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Re: Eat right:

A healthy food is all what we need to eat every day

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