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The loveable qualities of charcoal labs is growing a fan club of people initially drawn to their rare color. This personality comes naturally to them. After all Dana Barros 76ers Jersey , they all belong to the most popular breed in America 22 years in a row.

This shade is deliberately created by a Silver and Yellow Labrador mating. Phantom is another term used to identify the dilute silver shade turning up in this breed. The color can occur randomly Labrador breeding programs. The shade may seem to be a silvered shading on a black foundation. But Yellow coated stock is actually producing this shade. Earlier recurring specimens were termed Smoky Blacks by their breeders. When this dilute shaded specimen is interbred with its own kind, it does not recreate the same shade. Instead, Phantoms and other shades are typical results of such matings.

This shade appears to be a reflection of a genetic characteristic of Phantoms. Old books on Labradors have described gray offspring that become black as adults. This is what occurs when Charcoal offspring are born. They appear dark gray when born and become a smokey ebony when they are adults.

Some people believe a Weimaraner has been mixed in to produce this unusual hue. But, it is more likely others breeds may have influenced this development. Two likely sources of influence are the American Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the Canadian Newfoundland species. Each one has dilute genes that will induce these types of color differences. Both are part of Lab ancestry. There is no gray in Chesapeakes, but it's a standard Newfoundland color.

The US bred retriever was originally bred partly from Newfoundland stock. This stock was mixed with local retrievers. This breed does, however, have a shade similar to a Phantom. Newfoundland dogs were used to establish the Labrador breed in England. There have been two Chesapeakes in Lab breeding records, Jolly and Corydalys.

The ancestry of the Newfoundland species used to breed both the American and English retrievers is traced to the St. Johns Water Dog. This species became extinct and was no longer in existence in the eighties. Discouraging regulations imposed in the 19th century, for different reasons Clarence Weatherspoon 76ers Jersey , in both its Canadian home and in England reduced its breeding.

Yet the K9 magazine, an English publication, proclaimed this species was one of the most important in canine history. Also known as the lesser Newfoundland it was bred to breed two lines by English breeding programs. The more sizeable line was used to produce the Newfoundlands of today. The smaller-size was used to develop the Labrador species. The 3d Earl of Malmesbury deliberately bred this breed and is documented to also have decided on this name for his new specimens. Te species was inaugurated in 1903. As K9 magazine pointed out without this foundation species the canine world would have been more diminished. Dog may have been less popular and the use of guide dogs would have evolved more slowly. Also, retriever breeds would have had fewer lines.

Greater appreciation for this uncommon dilute shade has inspired breeders to create more charcoal labs for a growing market. Their growing list of customers indicates an expanding potential as more want to possess them. Despite the rarer shade these puppies possess the common temperament of this beloved species.
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