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ed my chest, th

The wicker by the azure lake drifted gently against the slight warm air, and the endless lawn was inlaid with bright flowers. I sat on the bench, holding the book, and the intoxicating time reminded me of my appointment with happiness. I had an agreement with happiness, and we sprouted together in spring. The warm sunlight shone on the lake Newport Cigarettes, a green plant on the shore protruded from the wet soil, and there was crystal rain on the body, dotted with fragrant spring, which warmed the picturesque earth. I also planted a dream seed in my heart, and in the spring, sprout with happiness. I saw it, I saw me and happiness flowing in the tender green of spring. I have an agreement with happiness, we bloom together in the summer. The blossoming sun flowers are very lively on a firey summer day, like a pair of colorful satin, arousing a burst of joy and praise. The roots of the tall trees rising into the clouds are deep and leafy. The sunlight is falling through the leaves and the cicadas are indulging in song. In the calm and clear pond Parliament Cigarettes, the frogs also hid under the drooping lotus leaves to avoid the scorching sun. The elegant Xiahe full of blooming ponds stood with green stems, like a slim young girl looking into the distance, so gorgeous and so charming. A lot of icy and clean lotus bloomed in my heart, Xia He's crimson red warmed my chest, the breeze was blowing, and a circle of ripples appeared. I saw it, I saw me and happiness rippling in the summer breeze. I have an agreement with happiness, we are golden in autumn together. In the distance, the flaming red maple leaves infested the horizon, and the nearby golden ginkgo leaves dangled from the tall trees and fell into the grass. Outside the fence, the chrysanthemums are blooming indiscriminately, one by one, clusters, clustered together, connected with the whole blue sky. Strolling in the small scriptures in the field, the sun squinted across the eyes, and fell in the autumn, I was drunk in the thick rice fragrance, and the golden autumn connected the fields and turned into a golden ocean. Seeing the white clouds drifting past, listening to the autumn wind blowing, smelling the smell of rice. I saw it, I saw me and happiness swaying in the autumn rice fragrance. I have an agreement with happiness, we are together in the winter. The hustle and bustle of the river was slumbered by the cold wind, and the snow-white flowers fell from the sky, it was snow, and the snow fell. In an instant, the sky was white. The north wind was blowing, and the streets and alleys became a world of snow. Leaning quietly in front of the window, watching the snowflakes flying, my heart has long ran with happiness in the mountains and the wild. I saw it, I saw me and happiness flying in the winter snow. I have an agreement with happiness, colorful in spring, passion in summer, full in autumn, warm in winter. My agreement with happiness is so energetic and vigorous, always hung with green shades, bright flowers and fragrant fruits.
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