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Some people say that l

Some people say that life is too ordinary and happiness is far away. In fact, bit by bit happiness is everywhere in your life. Just look at the world with a discovery, and you will be able to harvest many happy marks. Happiness can be a touch of warmth in the cold winter. I still remember the winter of that year, the snow flakes the hazy sky, and the large pieces smashed down and flew in the cold wind. Outside the window, from time to time, I ran one or two passers-by who didn��t know that today is a day, only wearing a thin coat, exhaling a group of white air, and quickly disappeared into the air. Suddenly remembered, when Grandpa went to the park this morning, it seemed that he only wore a thin coat. Although there is a square next to the house, Grandpa always goes to the park for morning exercise. The sound of "���嶣��" brought me back to reality, and the grandfather of "Santa Claus" was in sight: his nose was frozen and red, and the thin coat was soaked by the melted snow, Grandpa But it is still wrapped tightly, and there seems to be something on the top left of the chest. Grandpa stepped into the door and even sneezed a few times. He carefully took out something from his arms and smiled and took it to me. Fog, put a layer of furry warm edges on Grandpa's smile. Outside the window, the cold wind is still whistling Parliament Cigarettes, and the snow is still flying, but it makes me feel so happy. Happiness can be a morning sun. After a day of class, I took a whole day of knowledge into my head and I fell back home with a tired body and fell asleep Newport Cigarettes. The next morning, I was still in my sleep, and I saw a glimpse of the sun through my sleepy eyes Cigarettes For Sale. I suddenly fell asleep, and my heart rose inexplicably. It is a joy to enjoy the true beauty of nature in this city. It is also a joy for yourself to rest and a full day. I feel the happiness that nature has given me from the morning sun. Happiness can also be a sweet night in the plain. I am squatting on the table, and the light across the window is extinguished. People go to sleep. I look at the mountains of my homework, hey, only insist on it! Exhausted eyes, a slender shadow appeared in front of me. I looked back - mother, she appeared in front of me with a cup of thick milk, she whispered: "Children, almost twelve o'clock, still doing homework! Drink it quickly, go to bed early." "The milk is still hot. On a plain night, I tasted the fragrant milk and I felt very sweet! I feel the happiness in life from the sweetness of milk. There are actually a lot of happiness in life, such as a touch of warmth, a ray of sunshine, a sweetness... As long as you feel it, you will feel the happiness in your life
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Re: Some people say that l

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