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In the afternoon

In the afternoon, sitting at home, there was a faint sunshine in the air. I once again sat on the wicker chair, dusting the gate of memory and slowly opening it. It was a drizzle afternoon. I was depressed because of a test failure. I closed my door and thought about it. My father rushed to me, patted my shoulder and smiled and took my hand and said, "Go! Go to the tea garden. "I was reluctant, but the intense curiosity drove my desires and I went to the tea garden with my father." I held the umbrella and stood in the green tea garden. A breeze licked my cheeks, and there was a faint tea fragrance. The individual Kuding tea trees are straight and straight, as if one soldier stood in the forest. The brown trunk has a thick bowl. "Here! It's beautiful!" I couldn't help but sigh. "Look!" Dad pointed at a small piece of tea tree and said, "That is Kudingcha!" I took a closer look Newport Cigarettes Coupons. It was indeed different. The trunk was straight and the green was black. Then Dad went to the pavilion and started to make tea. He poured the boiling hot water into the cup. The tea was like a group of girls dancing in a veil. The tea swirled gracefully in the water. The tea gradually appeared brownish yellow. The heat in the water slowly dispersed, rising, I sniffed. With the aroma, slowly approaching, it seems that there is a kind of light and elegant fragrance Newport Cigarettes, which comes to the nose. I carefully took the teacup and gently sipped a small sip. A bitter taste filled my taste buds. I shouted dissatisfiedly: "It��s so bitter! Don��t drink!" After that, I rushed to fill the water. At the time, I felt a little bit sweet in my mouth. He smiled and said, "You will try again! You will find it really delicious!" I will take another sigh of doubt and gradually discover that love will become more and more Light, I rushed to swallow, surprised that the sweetness of the mouth is more intense Cheap Cigarettes, is this actually not life? Dad��s ambition has made me realize that although the exam has been tested, as long as I work harder, I will be able to catch up with it the next time. Drinking Kudingcha can also realize the philosophy of life. The night gradually began to open, the rain had already stopped, I was lying on the balcony, looking at the beautiful tea garden, my heart was not bitter, and I was swept away, my heart was mixed with a kind of marshmallow-like warm and happy. Every time I recall this past event, I can always care for this truth, no suffering, how sweet?
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