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tisfaction, I will always c

We live in the world of books, full of the smell of books. In this world, of course, there are some people who are obsessed with books. Of these people who are obsessed with books, naturally, this "book idiot" is indispensable. I can't describe how much I'm obsessed with books. I don't know how many books I've seen. The book has such a great charm, he exudes magical power, attracts you, and makes you fascinated by it. Don't underestimate these. He will even make a lively and cheerful person silent and gradually become introverted. The book has both advantages and disadvantages. It allows you to be happy when you are alone. At that time it was like a friend. There is a lot of knowledge in the book waiting for you to explore and discover. Add a taste to your life! Let your life be more of a very cheerful girl, because the book is "confusing" and become dislike to communicate with people. I used to be a prostitute. Whenever I encounter a dissatisfaction, I will always communicate and communicate with my parents. However, since I have made this book friend, there have been fewer words. Any unpleasant or happy things will always tell my book friends, let it solve problems for me and let it share happiness with me. My family used to be filled with laughter, but it is very quiet now, because my family is afraid to bother me to read. I once saw in the paper that a small author wrote his own essays about how to be obsessed with books. At the time, I was not very fond of books, but I was bored, so I saw this article makes me feel ridiculous. But in retrospect, I supported my reading, and the pocket money I gave me was for me to buy books. But my family saw that I almost became a "nerd" now. So they all agreed to let me read in the morning, before noon, before going to bed. Of course I was very unsatisfied, so some ideas emerged in my mind. In the morning, my family did not get up and hid in the bed to read a book; at noon, my family had to take a nap Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I could hide in my room and communicate with my bookmates at ease; at night, I would do better, hiding in the bathroom Carton Of Cigarettes. Wait a few hours. Over time, the family gradually became aware that they also used their way to stop me and let me listen to them. But I am not a person who gives up easily. I had the idea to put the books I could post on the wall as much as possible. I just sat in the chair and stared at the wall as soon as I had time. My family thought I was in a daze. In fact, my heart was already with me. Book friends are communicating, I am friends, become a good book, and will eventually gain something. Gorky once said: "Books are the ladder of human progress." Therefore, we must believe that if we insist on reading, we will make progress, and the closer we are to your ideals Marlboro Cigarettes, the closer.
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Re: tisfaction, I will always c

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