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if a worker fails to produce her monthly quota

nike air max 90 sale uk, In Vietnam sweatshops, if a worker fails to produce her monthly quota, she is struck with a punishment of 15 to 20 % deduction from her salary. Beating, harassment and sexual abuse is not uncommon. The factory owners are brutal and wield police force and local mafias to harass, beat up and at times kill the workers who demand a higher remuneration or try to unionize. An atmosphere of fear noticeably features workers' behaviour. Misconduct and manhandling of one in front of other workers serves as an instrument to set example for others to remain in limits[11]. In 2008, around 20,000 Nike workers organized a strike in Vietnam against the poor wages and awful working conditions[12], but in vain.
Nike Roshe Run Mens, Additionally, the increased transitional economic operations, technological development and social intensification processes, protests and consumer boycotts are also turning international. NGOs and internet campaigners are increasingly convincing world consumers to boycott Nike – and other TNCs products – producing their goods under unfavourable working conditions. It is a new way of 'punishing' the abusive producers[22]. But knowing the possible hazards of their operations the corporations still try to trivialize acts and events of rights abuses. International Multi National Monitor came up with a list of top 100 corporate criminals in 1990 and Nike is one of them.
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Re: if a worker fails to produce her monthly quota

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