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envelope, click to o

The package is coming! "Hurry up!" "Huh? What is this voice? Hee hee, our big family is grabbing red envelopes! What are you waiting for, let me tell you slowly? Last night, I was browsing the novelties of my circle of friends in my mother's WeChat The news, suddenly, a particularly lively QQ group sent a new message "[QQ ���]"! I immediately quit WeChat, firepower is full-grab the red envelope! The red envelope has 50 yuan, but unfortunately the people in the group are too There are more than a few hundred people, so I only grabbed 5.25 yuan. Although I was a little frustrated, I suddenly had a whimsy��I can use the money I snatch to send red envelopes in the WeChat group! Immediately I edited the red envelope of 1 yuan to grab the luck, and sent it to the WeChat group created by my uncle. In an instant, a group of diving guys rushed out like a beast of the flood, just to grab the red envelope! Only 0.38. They all complained that I sent too little, and I have to send one. After asking my mother for permission, I used her bank card to issue a "big money" 10 yuan rush! Kill! I see They can use these four words to grab the red envelope . Table of contents Geti a suggestion: "We can make every red grab a red envelope with minimal human hair Marlboro Red. "His suggestion was supported by everyone. We counted the one who grabbed the least, haha, uncle! Uncle cried with tears and said:" 4G network speed is fast, every time I am the fastest to grab, the faster the less money ? "After talking, my uncle reluctantly issued a 50 yuan" oversized money. "We immediately clicked on the red envelope, click to open the red envelope, and then took a look at the RMB we had grabbed. More people cheered, less people. I was downcast. This time, the God of Wealth stood here with me, and I grabbed a total of 21.75 yuan! I was very happy, but my cousin said aloud, "This time there are more people. "Woo, woo, it ��s not intentionally hurting me! However, willing to gamble to lose, I have to send a 10 yuan red envelope. In the middle, many funny things happened. Cousin deliberately laughed at his father (my uncle) Yes: Without saying a word Carton Of Cigarettes, the most active when grabbing red envelopes, when the red envelopes are sent out! There is a laugh in a word Wholesale Cigarettes. Uncle bragging said that he wants to send us 100RMB, but, for a dime There is nothing! I said deliberately, "Uncle, have you seen a cow flying in the sky? That's all blown by you! "Everyone immediately laughed loudly (fortunately in the group). It was a little more than 23:00 in the middle of the night, and our red envelope fight finally came to an end (hey, don't be disappointed, there is still bleep this morning). What makes me happy is that A total of 79.85 yuan was grabbed! 80 yuan is about to come. Do you also want to participate in this battle to grab a red envelope? Com
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