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How do I review FFXIV?

Games like fortnite and overwatch are competing for dedicated online audiences like MMO - how do you feel as a traditional MMO creator?

Yoshida: the reason for this is the continuous development of video game industry. Just take this example, traditional jrpg is based on turn based games. Especially for young people, they think it's out of date and they don't really understand it. About the younger generation, people under the age of 25, because before they were born, the hardware of the game experience - their characters are very lifelike rendering, and they can actually directly control the characters - press a button, the characters will shoot or shoot at the enemy

That's why we don't see these types of games as a threat because the basic game design is completely different. Because the audiences who are playing "watch the vanguard" and "night of the fortress" may be in their 20s, they are young audiences. If that young audience becomes the main audience of ff14 or our current MMORPG, then we may need to cater to the needs of new audiences and create the excitement they want from the game. We don't think ff14 really needs to play this role. It should be the next generation of MMO. However, it will be very difficult if we want to make an MMO that does not need target orientation. We may need to make some big changes to the game with text chat, but people are using voice chat, you can choose your own playing method, you can quit any game, you can come back at any time... The era and time will surely come, but personally, it seems very difficult, so I don't want to do it!

Why do many square Enix's final fantasy games perform mediocre, while all of their heart of the Kingdom's games are excellent?

Because that's your opinion. I think the opposite. I think only the heart of the first Kingdom can determine what KH should be. Apart from moogles on the menu, I was very disappointed when heart of the Kingdom 3 didn't have 99% of final fantasy. If kh3 gives what people think "heart of the kingdom" should be, Disney + Final Fantasy + other styles = gold, it will be a great game.

The formula adopted by final fantasy has saved the company to a new level again and again. Although it has achieved different degrees of success, it has achieved all the success. Finally, fantasy provides players with a vast world to explore. The themes throughout the series are popular and are common metaphors found in all Western or Eastern fantasies. FFX is inspired by Polynesian legends, while FFXII is greatly influenced by the Middle East.

Some people don't like RPG entirely as a point of view, and they also do not like to buy Gil in FFXIV. KH and FF come from the same company, so this is actually just another thing they do. The same person works for two titles. I'm personally glad that Nomura has also saved all his final fantasy magic for final fantasy 7 remake. It's unbelievable, and it may change your opinion on such excellent and mediocre final fantasy as the heart of the kingdom. There are also "Kingdom Hearts". There are about four games, including a complex multi-dimensional story, which needs to follow the level of soap opera in each game to understand. Plus heart of the Kingdom 3 is open at the end of the game, so everything you see in the game shown above is weak.

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