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eet lights of each street are diffe

Chifeng is a famous tourist city with an endless prairie, a continuous green hill, a strange stone forest, and six sweet and delicious springs. Chifeng has many specialties, sweet honeydew melon and sharp Mongolian knife. The beautiful Linxi crystal, as well as the precious Bahraini stone and refreshing wine Marlboro Red, is also famous for its famous cashmere sweater Chifeng Hongshan culture. The c-type dragon in Chifeng Hongshan is known as the "first dragon in the world", so Chifeng is also known as the hometown of the dragon Wholesale Cigarettes. Moreover, the name 'Chifeng' was taken out in the Red Mountain and reformed with the motherland. This is also happening in Chifeng. In addition to the development of the tourism industry, it has also built a modern urban area. My family lives in the new city. There is a charming botanical garden. There are ancient stone parks, beautiful sculpture gardens, and beautiful streets criss-crossing. At night, the dazzling street lights dress up the new city like a beautiful bride, and the street lights of each street are different Marlboro Cigarettes. Some dance like a butterfly; it is like rolling slowly; some are dancing like a white bag; others are like a chameleon, it turns blue, it turns red, how amazing Yeah, people are relaxing under the beautiful street lights, eliminating the fatigue during the day. Singing Beijing opera. Karaoke, dancing hip-hop. Twisting songs. Playing chess. Playing badminton. Playing football. People's spare time is full of summer and colorful, and modern fitness equipment has become an indispensable fitness tool in the city. On this brightly lit night, you can feel the rich cultural atmosphere of Chifeng. Welcome to Chifeng, you will love this beautiful and magical place.
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Re: eet lights of each street are diffe

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