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Facebook application
Facebook is one of the applications that can be used on the iPad, where the site can be used by the web browser, but installing it on the iPad gives the user a lot of additional features, and the most important features of the application of Facebook that it allows the sharing of photos and videos directly from the device, in addition to To easily update status and send web links. [1]

Books application
IBooks is an app that helps us find everything new to read at any time and place. Its most important features are: [2]

The app automatically converts text to white with the background of the screen black when the device is dimly lit, and returns to normal color when the light improves.
Sharing offers everything the reader likes, directly from the book's chosen page to Facebook or Twitter.
Allows you to keep all files, project plans and more in your iBooks library for easy access at any time.
IBooks offers easy book search, download, and free browsing.
The iBooks app updates books, so you can replace the old version with a newer version.أفضل_برامج_التواصل_الاجتماعي.jpg

Google Maps application
Google Maps is an app that provides detailed information about geographic locations around the world. It also includes photographs of streets and roads around the world, as well as satellite images, offering users many services, including: [3]

Google Maps helps drivers determine the right direction for where they want to go.
Google Maps provides services to astronomers, showing images of the moon, sky, and some planets.
Google Maps determines places and locations via GPS.
Google Maps helps subscribers to see different images of cities around the world.

Twitter application
Twitter is a free app that is easy to use and install on the iPad, and allows users to post tweets and short posts, where a single Tweet does not exceed 140 characters, in addition to the ability to follow the tweets of others such as friends and celebrities, and what distinguishes Twitter from other applications that enables anyone to search In tweets, whether or not they are subscribed to Twitter, tweets can be retransmitted and answered via text messages and using different devices. [4]

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