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How AI can help Save Lives in Emergency Situations

Disaster can bring the best change in human nature. Emergency service personnel, rescue teams and volunteers work tirelessly, often putting their lives at full risk.

Whether they are responding to a natural disaster or other accident, rescue and relief teams use AI as an important tool to save lives and provide full help in the right place at the right time. If it is not known then you can call Microsoft tech support number immediately.

MIcrosoft tech support

These are some of the technologies of organizations beyond Microsoft that are bringing changes in disaster areas.

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Robot rescuer

When a building collapses completely, rescue teams will look for spaces in the rubble, where a person may be trapped. It is often slow, laborious work under tight and dangerous conditions.

Enter Snapbot: The 5-centimeter-wide robot is equipped with lights and cameras that can squeeze in tight spaces. Developed by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the snapboat can crawl, climb, roll and even swim. The prototype was used after the September 2017 earthquake in Mexico City. Operators sent robots to search too small or unstable for people or dogs to enter. Learning from that experience, the Microsoft tech support team that created it is now planning to add microphones and sensors that can detect very dangerous gas.

In Japan, after the tsunami that hit the country in 2011, the slowdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant required robots to enter all areas that could not. Microsoft tech support teams inspected a variety of remote-controlled and autonomous machines and removed fuel rods.

Eye in the sky

Drones are providing emergency services a bird's-eye view of disaster areas, which is proving particularly useful in fighting wildlife.

Using surveillance drones that can last for hours, and small quadcopters, operators on the ground can see how the fire is behaving in real time and there are hazards along the way. Some drones are equipped with thermal-imaging cameras or laser-imaging systems to help firefighters predict where the fire will spread. For more assistance Microsoft tech support can be added at

Any researchers are developing many ways to use autonomous drone swarms to help firefighters on the ground. U.K. And the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at the US Air Force Research Laboratory recently ran the swarm and search AI 2019 Fire Hack competition, looking for new algorithms and AI applications for the planning and execution of complex drone missions.

Recent catastrophic blasts, such as the 2018 campfire in California, fully illustrate the need for such resources.

Targeted Help

When a disaster strikes, a large amount of information flows to the control room and emergency call centers. It is very important to prioritize feedback and deploy resources and personnel correctly.

AI can traverse through large amounts of data in a very short period of time, spotting patterns that may not be apparent to people under stress. Capabilities include prioritizing emergency calls and analyzing social media to photograph all incidents encountered in real time. DigitalGlobe's open data program, which provides high-resolution satellite imagery for disaster response, was used to identify roads, buildings and infrastructure damaged in the aftermath of Cyclone Edai in 2019.

In September 2018, the Microsoft company fully announced the AI ​​for Humanitarian Action Program in collaboration with the United Nations. This $40 million, five-year Microsoft initiative, undermines the power of AI, supporting non-profit and humanitarian organizations through financial grants, partnerships and technology investments, in addition to technological improvements. This work is in the areas of disaster response; Refugees and Displaced People; human rights; And is fully part of Microsoft's AI for Children's Needs, and Good Suite, a $ 125 million growing commitment to use AI to solve some of society's biggest challenges. And for other information Microsoft tech support phone number can talk to experts.

For more info: Contact us:+1-855-999-4811

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Re: How AI can help Save Lives in Emergency Situations

The post lets you know How AI can help Save Lives in Emergency Situations. It says that Disaster can bring the best change in human nature. There are some of the technologies of organizations beyond Microsoft that are bringing changes in disaster areas. 

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Re: How AI can help Save Lives in Emergency Situations

I have read your article, it is very informative and useful for me. I admire the valuable information you provide in your articles. Thank you for posting it.
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