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Air Conditioning Myths & Facts

If summer is about barbeques and pools, it is also about sweat and sunburn. But a properly maintained heating and air conditioning system can create your own artificial arctic paradise indoors. When the temperatures start to creep up, you should know how to keep your home cool and comfortable without making any mistakes. Here are some common myths that continue to circulate.

Air Conditioning Myths and Facts

Your central air conditioner uses a system of supply and return ducts to create wintry air for your home. You might by following self maintenance for your HVAC system. But do you know sometimes if you listen to everyone’s advice, you may end up falling for tricks that can lead to major inefficiencies and potential damages. Yes, have a look at some of such myths.

Lowering the thermostat temperature helps cool the home faster: This is quite a common belief, which has no grounding in reality. Any HVAC system delivers the same amount of cold or hot air at a constant rate, irrespective of how low or high the temperature is. The temperature setting indicates the thermostat when to turn off after it has reached the desired temperature. If you lower the thermostat for faster cooling, it will actually make your air conditioner run for a longer time span. And if you don’t remember to turn it back up again, you may wind up with some pretty high energy bills.

Fans will help in faster cooling: As a point of fact, fans don’t lower the temperature, they actually make us feel cooler with the “wind chill” effect. A fan’s motor adds some amount of heat to the room. Although, fans cost very little to run, but make sure you don’t fall for the myth that they help cool your home. When you are enjoying the cooling effect of a fan, turn the thermostat up a few degrees without any loss of comfort.

Bigger Air Conditioning unit will deliver better results:
If you are planning to replace your air conditioning unit, you might have just run into the myth that a larger unit will create a more comfortable home, which is absolutely wrong. Many factors go into sizing a heat pump and it is crucial that you hire professional heating and air conditioning companies to do the job. They will measure your home and do a thorough inspection of your existing system to determine the right-sized AC unit.

So, these are some myths that you should be aware of before you plan to make any major investments in heating and air conditioning systems.

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