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When the prostate gland is inflamed for any reason , it is known as prostatitis. Specialized doctors known as urologists diagnose and treat this and other male reproductive diseases.

A sudden onset of it may develop secondary to an invasive procedure, trauma, infections, and bladder obstruction. Men ages 20-35 with multiple sexual partners are at an increase risk as are those who practice anal sex without protection. Men who have an enlarged prostate are at an increased risk of urinary infection.

Signs and Symptoms

Urinary frequency, slow stream, and pain on urination, urgency, difficult urination

Impotence air max 720 pas cher solde , aching penis with lower abdomen and testicular discomfort

Pain between genitals and anus, painful bowel movements and ejaculation

Blood in urine, incontinency, retention

Chills, fever


Urine tests for bacteria and white blood cells

Anal palpation of the swollen prostate

Blood tests

An elevated blood prostate antigen hormone


Antibiotics (such as Cipro) for at least 4 weeks, sometimes up to 8 weeks

Stool softeners to reduce discomfort

Some men may have to perform catheterizations to remove retained urine. Frequent and complete bladder evacuation is recommended to decrease symptoms of urinary retention and urgency

Warm baths (Sitz)

Avoid substances that irritate the bladder such as alcohol, caffeine, citrus juices grossiste air max 720 chine , hot and spicy foods

Increasing fluid intake helps flush bacteria from bladder

Safe sex

Good hygienic skills

Drugs :

Remeron, an antidepressant, has side effects that greatly mimic such as urinary frequency, dysuria, incontinency, urgency, retention, and impotency. The urologist utilizes all available facts grossiste air max 720 , medicine, and medical history to diagnose and treat it based on its cause. This is an example that not all is caused by an infectious agent.

The prostate is known as “a reservoir for the recurrent infection.” Patients with (CBP) “often present with myriad subjective complaints. Only a few of these complaints offer diagnostic clues for CBP because the complaints are often not of an unusual nature and are not specific for CBP.” CBP is a recurrent urinary tract infection with a single organism that persists in the prostatic fluid. (Ahuja, 2008).

If culture “results are positive, an expressed prostatic secretion (EPS) that contains bacteria of more than 10 WBCs per high-power field (WBCshpf) confirms the diagnosis.” (Ahuja).


After treatment , the majority of men are symptom free but prone to recur and likely to develop chronic P. Early diagnosis and a full course of the appropriate treatment are necessary. Frequent urinary tract infections carry the risk of the infection entering the bloodstream. Safe sex and good hygiene is strongly encouraged.

Look at Prostatitis Symptoms letting in 34 medical signs and symptoms of Prostatitis. Prostatitis – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention website gives you collection of useful articles & updated news.

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