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So just because someone is no

We all know that seeing a basketball player dunk is something that is impressive and may also make the opposing team jealous that is if they are playing a game of basketball. But do you ever stop and wonder how do these people get to jump so high and dunk? Well you may have guessed that they are naturally like that but it also does not mean that everyone is naturally able to dunk reall high. Do you think that just because someone is not tall then they have no chance of dunking a basketball? That is not the way that you are supposed to think and with that mindset then you can be sure that you will not be seeing any results.

So just because someone is not tall means that they are not able to dunk right? Wrong? Where have you gotten this information from Cheap Kansas City Royals Jerseys , where have you learned this or who have you heard this from? That is complete nonsense and no wonder how hard it is or it may seem then I will tell you that your thinking is wrong. Spud Webb is only five foot seven and he is able to dunk and he even won the slam dunk championship back in 1996. So what does that tell you about short people being able to dunk huh? Oh and let me also mention another player by the name of Robinson. At a standing heigth of only five foot eight, Nate Robinson is also able to dunk and he is shorter then a lot of other players that are in the NBA.


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