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The tasty flounder is a great sp

The tasty flounder is a great sport fish you can target in Rhode Island waters Byron Jones Jersey , and is also relatively easy to catch. Every day during the summer in Rhode Island hundreds of boats are out there along the south shore targeting this great fish. By following a few tips you can enjoy success and become a better flounder fisherman. Summer flounder are a funny looking spotted brownish fish with a totally white underside, often nearly as wide as they are long. They have two eyes on one side of their head and swim with the eyes upward (which are on the brown side), tending to cruise along the bottom looking for food, not moving too far away from it. They cruise about 1 3 feet off the bottom looking for something to eat, usually taking advantage of the current from the tides to cover ground. Often they will spook some small life form as they approach, and a small puff of mud or motion is sent into the water which attracts the flounder to that area and where he will pounce on the poor creature. This interesting habit is the one we exploit when fishing for them.

Ok, so you?ve decided to go out and find some flounder. Well, they aren?t always in the same place every day. As the season progresses, you have to go into deeper and deeper water to find them, as the water heats up during the season. Sometimes they move east or west with the tide. They prefer sandy bottoms, so these are where you want to be and you always drift  /]Cheap Jerseys[/url]   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys

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