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Getting onto the property ladder can be tough. With large mortgage deals at 90-100 per cent few and far between Authentic Zach Cunningham Jersey , it’s rarely been more difficult for young people to buy their first home. However, all is not lost as there are various ways that you, as a parent, can help them.

Recent research found that without parental assistance Authentic Deshaun Watson Jersey , some 100,000 buyers would have not been able to buy their first home between 2008 and 2011. The so-called Bank of Mum and Dad has ensured £5.3 billion of property sales in just three years.

Here, we look at three ways that you can help your children onto the property ladder.

Remortgage your own home

If your children are struggling to save for a new home, you could help them by providing part or all of their deposit. A remortgage is a great way of releasing some capital from your home to gift or loan to your kids.

Islay Robinson Tyler Ervin Jersey , director of London mortgage broker Enness Private Clients, believes that if you have plenty of equity in your property then you could consider remortgaging to release some of this capital and even if you have a high value mortgage on your home you can benefit from switching lender – both to release equity and to benefit from a lower interest rate.

Use specialist lender schemes

Over recent lenders, various lenders have introduced innovative schemes that allow parents to help children buy a property.

One such scheme is a ‘family offset’ mortgage that lets you use your savings to help your children or grandchildren to buy a home.

You put your savings into an account linked to the mortgage. It acts as a deposit although the savings remain under your control and can revert to you at a later date. However, you give up any interest or investment returns on the money in order to help the buyer.

The Daily Telegraph reports that ‘you must be prepared to lock up your money for some years; you will not be able to get your hands on it until the mortgage is worth 75 per cent of the property value.’

An alternative scheme is offered by Lloyds. Their ‘lend a hand’ scheme lets you put cash into a Lloyds savings bond that is used as security for the loan. You will benefit from a return on your savings but the cash has to be tied up until the mortgage is less than 80 per cent of the property value.

Guarantee their mortgage

A third option that you have to help your child is to ‘guarantee’ their mortgage. Here Braxton Miller Jersey , you use your income to boost the amount that your child can borrow. Some lenders will allow you to be named on the mortgage without being a joint owner of the property, which avoids any capital gains tax issues.

Islay Robinson, the London mortgage adviser specialising in large mortgages, adds: “If you guarantee your child’s mortgage you should understand that you are offering additional security Keke Coutee Jersey , which will be at risk if your offspring defaults on the mortgage. You should always take independent legal advice in this situation.”
CNG is a substitute for fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel that is quickly growing in popularity. What makes it popular is that it falls under the category of alternative fuel solutions because it is more environmentally friendly by producing fewer greenhouse gases. Natural Gas has been used to fuel our households for many years but has yet to achieve standard use as a fuel for vehicles. CNG mainly consists of compressed methane gas, where the gas is compressed to less than 1% of the volume it occupies at standard atmospheric pressure. The United States is a leader in most cases, though worldwide, Pakistan has the highest number of vehicles running on CNG Jordan Akins Jersey , with over 3600 CNG refueling stations. In vehicles, CNG can be used as the main or dedicated fuel source or as part of a bi-fuel system burning one fuel at a time. Manufacturers such as Fiat, Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagen currently sell bi-fuel vehicles. These engines can run on either gasoline from a tank or CNG from a separate high pressure cylinder. The driver selects which fuel to use by a flip of the switch on the dashboard.


Because CNG burns up to four times cleaner than gasoline emitting far less Greenhouse (GHGs) gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide Martinas Rankin Jersey , CNG vehicles have lower maintenance costs and offer a longer service life. Fleet operators have said reported reduced maintenance costs by 40% by converting their vehicles to CNG. CNG has a higher octane rating which, when used at a very high compression ratio in certain vehicles, will yield more power than a stock gasoline version. Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) experience less knocking and have superior starting and drivability. Another obvious benefit of natural gas is that it is 15%-50% cheaper per equivalent gallon than gasoline. Unlike fuels that are used in liquid form, in the event of a leak the gas which is lighter than air will dissipate into the air and avoid any possible chance of ignition or explosion.


While it鈥檚 tempting to think of the reduced maintenance costs Justin Reid Jersey , the initial investment of incorporating CNG into your vehicle is quite costly. Converting vehicles to CNG systems ranges from $3000-$6000, depending on the type of vehicle. Those vehicles containing CNG systems require a greater amount of space for fuel storage resulting in less storage space available in a trunk of a car or the bed of a pick up truck. Also, possibly the greatest disadvantage is that CNG filling stations have limited availability that so this type of conversion proves to be more practical for those people living in areas with easy access to the stations.

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Re: DaeSean Hamilton Broncos Jersey

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