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The Face of Fear and Ignorance

Fear has many faces and not all of them are recognizable as fear. We have such a strong negative social perception of being afraid that we often disguise it as something more acceptable to our conscience. But fear is so prevalent in our civilization today that it could easily be viewed as a global pandemic because fear, like any disease, is contagious and is easily spread by the power of words and even body language. But the most important fact to know about fear, is that it grows in the darkness of ignorance.
Turning away and running from fear only gives it more power over you because that act is an affirmation of its existence and reinforces its strength. This is why we hear that the only way to deal with fear is to face it. Also, ignorance of the nature of fear is the fertile soil in which fear grows well, like mushrooms, if you keep it in the dark by feeding it the lies of denial, it will grow strong quickly.
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Re: The Face of Fear and Ignorance

Beautiful article and interesting to read it. The common issues happen in around us is shared in this article. In some situation, we all need to face the fear and this is natural. Thanks, doe this informative article.flash player not working on chrome

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Re: The Face of Fear and Ignorance

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Re: The Face of Fear and Ignorance

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Re: The Face of Fear and Ignorance

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