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RAMALLAH, July 10 (Xinhua) -- The Palestinian government on Sunday called on the international community to lift the "siege" imposed by Israeli forces on Hebron, south of West Bank, since July 2.

"We call upon international community institutions and legal orgazniations to intervene immediately to force Israel to lift its unjust siege on the governorate of Hebron, through which it is prosecuting, detaining and torturing unarmed civilians," government spokesperson Yousef Al-Mahmoud said in an emailed press statement.

Al-Mahmoud described the actions of the occupation forces as "collective punishment" which is "part of the official Israeli government policy," adding that it is the cause of tension and instability in the area.

Israeli forces clashed with Palestinians in the southern West Bank towns of Hebron on Sunday, without reporting any casualties.

Palestinian sources said that tersely army troops continue to impose a restricted siege surrounding the city of Hebron and several nearby towns, villages and refugee camps and storm into homes searching for "wanted Palestinians."

Israeli public radio reported that an Israeli settler in his thirties was injured lightly Saturday night after his car was shot at near the Gush Etzion settlement bloc south of Hebron.

The radio said at six Palestinians were arrested in different areas in the West Bank for different charges.

Israeli army announced a siege around Hebron Governorate on July 2, after a Rabbi was killed and three others of his family were injured after being shot at in their vehicle in southern Hebron.

Mounting tensions between Palestinians and Israel since last October have left over 200 Palestinians and 35 Israeli killed, according to official reports.

How To Hire A General Contractor Rock Hill How To Hire A General Contractor Rock Hill September 4 Ramon Humber Jersey , 2015 | Author: April Briggs | Posted in Business

For a person who could be planning to have some work done on his house, he will need to make certain that he has chosen the best local firm he can find. A general contractor Rock Hill plays an instrumental role in the way that any project proceeds. If the wrong hiring decision is made, it means that the work may not be completed on time, or may not even be up to standards.

Choosing a firm to hire is not something that should be rushed. As a client, you need an assurance that you are making the right decision. As such, you will need to hold an interviewing exercise where different firms are checked out. The more firms you get to interview, the better it will be for you.

As the interviews are progressing, it will be important for you to make sure that you request each company to provide its list of past clients. This has to be clients that it has worked with within the last three to four months. The main reason for this being that they will be able to relate the particular experience they had with the firm they had chosen.

It is common for each state to put in place some building codes. The codes are primarily there to make certain that all houses being constructed are structurally sound. As such, the client will need to make inquiries on the kind of code that this firm has to follow.

Apart from knowing the codes that are in place, it will also be essential for this contractor to be well versed with the local permits. It is his work to apply for the permits that are required before construction can begin. You must therefore make inquiries on how this will be achieved.

When the firm quotes to you its construction fees, ensure you note this down. You need to take note of all fees so as to make certain that they are compared later on. A fee comparison is a very important exercise to hold.

Another important factor to consider is the experience and reputation of each contractor. Experience is a very important factor and must include looking at reviews and ratings in professional websites. Always focus on whether a firm is able to deliver value for the money that it is being paid.

Where there is a lot of work that must be handled, you will want to make certain that the firm that has been chosen is up to the task. To get this information, you need to consider the resources that each firm has at its disposal. Too few resources and it will mean that things are not alright.

When all this information has been analyzed, you can now proceed to make a decision on the way forward. It is always best to consider all the factors that one has come across during his interviews. This is to help guarantee that no single firm will be discriminated against because of one reason or another.

Once you make a decision on which company to hire, the remaining thing to do will be to request this firm to furnish you with a contract for the remodel. Make certain that this contract is detailed. It must include project information as well as the details of the work that it will be doing.

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Ancient But Useful: Old Inventions We Still Use Ancient But Useful: Old Inventions We Still Use November 12, 2015 | Author: Carey Bourdier | Posted in Education

While our technological advances over the last millennium have been quite impressive, there are certain tools that have been used for hundreds of years and are still needed today. So, while we can use robots to build cars and our computers allow us to send a letter across the globe in mere seconds, these ancient tools still come in quite handy today.

One item that has remained much the same since ancient times is the wheelbarrow. While we now have gigantic machines and trucks capable of moving huge, heavy loads, if you need to carry away some dirt or rocks in your yard, a wheelbarrow is a handy tool to own. These items were used in Ancient Chi. Jerseys Wholesale   NFL Jerseys Cheap   NCAA Jerseys From China   NBA Jerseys Cheap   Soccer Jerseys Wholesale   College Jerseys Wholesale   MLB Jerseys China   NHL Jerseys Free Shipping   NFL Jerseys Free Shipping   New NBA Jerseys Cheap

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