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New Players Will Come To Find The Excellence Of Path Of Exile

Your time in Wraeclast is not yet at an end, Exile. Alva Valai seeks the treasure locked away in an ancient Vaal temple, but it's lost in time. That's where you come in with Path of Exile's upcoming expansion. Incursion will send you on a time traveling adventure to explore the poe trade currency, and you won't have to time travel to get to play it any sooner, as the expansion is only a couple of weeks away.

Incursion will send players a thousand years into the past, back when the Vaal Empire was more than just ruins and lore. Your goal is to examine the effects of temporal causality. In doing so, your actions in the past will affect the Atzoatl temple in the present day. You'll unlock paths that lead deeper into the temple, fight Vaal Architects, and even modify or upgrade rooms for greater rewards. As any experienced Path of Exile player knows, great rewards come with great risks, and having some great luck and perserverance certainly doesn't hurt either.

If you just can't wait to get back into Wraeclast and experience the next chapter in Path of Exile's story, you don't have to. Incursion launches for the PC release on June 1, with the Xbox One version of the game getting the expansion a week later on June 8.

It's finally here! Open beta for the best ARPG not enough people played in 2012 begins on January 23, where hopefully thousands of new players will come to find the excellence of Path of Exile. Touting one of the most advanced and nuanced class and skill customization systems I've come across, I can't help but encourage gamers dissatisfied with current ARPGs to check this game out.

The guys over at Grinding Gear Games also put together a new trailer for their open beta. The last time I tried Path of Exile there wasn't much to say about the game's story, but it looks like there's more to the plot than initially meets the eye. Sure, your character is exiled in a terrible place, but hunting down the man who exiled you? Who just happens to be working towards becoming a god? Well now.

Six unique characters with expansive customization trees, dozens of skill gems (yes, skills are items) and modifying gems on top of that, a bleak and dark world that makes Diablo II look like poe currency cheap -- Path of Exile's got everything hardcore ARPG players love and more. Check out the game's webpage and prepare for open beta on the 23, or if you can't wait, donate and get access right now.

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Re: New Players Will Come To Find The Excellence Of Path Of Exile

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