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Most people think of road trips when summer is coming. They enjoy getting out and about in the fresh air. In order to take a great road trip Wholesale Miami Hurricanes Jersey , they need to make sure that their car is in good shape, especially the braking system. They will want to have a thorough brake service inspection before they head out on the highway.

Check The Brakes Before You Start

Braking problems can cause people big problems during a trip. Have the brakes checked out to make sure that they are in working order, and that they won't give out on the roads. It is as simple as scheduling an appointment with a brake repair technician. You don't want to be driving around with bad brakes, which could be the cause of an accident or other mishap on the road.

Does There Need To Be A Problem To Take The Car In?

No, a driver can just take their car in to a brake service technician for an inspection at any time. This will ensure that the brake lines are working properly to help prevent something unexpected happening when they are out on the open road.

How Much Will It Cost To Have The Brakes Checked?

The cost will vary of course, depending on where you take your car. In most cases Wholesale Lsu Tigers Jersey , it is a minimal charge for having them checked out. Call your brake service specialist for a quote. It's better to spend a little now to avoid a major cost later.

Looking for quality brake repair before heading out for summertime fun? Contact our ASE Certified Technicians at Clausen Automotive, The Hybrid Shop, for more information about brake service and to schedule an appointment. Since 1975, our family-owned auto shop has proudly served vehicle owners in Madison, WI, and the surrounding communities. Seating Solutions was afforded the opportunity to attend the 143rd Derby where we supplied our Ultimate all-aluminum elevated seating system featuring 3 Wholesale Kansas Jayhawks Jersey ,400 green VIP 903 Box Seats. Each seat had an armrest and cup holder. Seating Solutions utilized its larger 33” aluminum deck for maximum legroom & greater comfort. This safety code compliant Ultimate system is modular in design allowing us to create a layout specific to our customer’s needs. Additional provisions for wheelchair and companion seating were included to allow all spectators the ability to enjoy the derby from a Seating Solutions grandstand.

A concession platform was added to the rear of the grandstand and a full shaded canopy covered the entire system to protect VIP guests from the hot sun & inclement weather. Seating Solutions finished the look with green scrim to cover the exterior of the understructure.

The BOX Seat 903 delivers the ideal solution for any high-volume spectator requirements, combining strength and intelligent design with the utmost in ergonomic precision. This model provides the durability and economic efficiency that’s become the trademark of The BOX Seat, whilst offering an even more pleasant experience for the customer with its protective lumber support and generous seating pan.



Most compact folded up dimension in the industry
Can be spaced at any interval, even 18?
No finger pinch points or area to catch clothing
Ergonomic design creates most comfortable seat in the industry
Replacement of vandalized or broken chairs can be done in as little as one minute
Interior spring tip up mechanism
Chair comes fully assembled and ready for install
Installs Via rail and patented strap system
Can be riser or tread mounted

Dynamic Sleeve Interchange


The Dynamic Seat Interchange enables the altering or upgrading of a chosen seating formation at any time. The ‘Seat Sleeve’ innovation is an industry first. When the seat is in the ‘tip-up’ position it entirely covers the backrest, preventing uneven fading from UV light. More importantly, because the ‘Seat Sleeve’ has a rapid interchange function Wholesale Georgia Bulldogs Jersey , venues that require different coloured seats for ‘branding’ patterns need only to change the sleeve, rather than the whole seat. This is both considerably faster and a fraction of the cost of changing entire seats.

First, install your Grandstand seating plan with a Star Burst.
And later, change to a Fade pattern. The options are endless and the interchange so rapid, you can achieve it in a day.

Every model in The BOX Seat system can be easily reconfigured or upgraded… open your venue with a 903 model and upgrade to a 907 or 908 model in the future.

‘Set & Forget’ Strap System

The ‘Set & Forget’ Strap Fixing System firmly secures the seat to the rail. Unlike many other seat designs, periodic tightening maintenance isn’t required Wholesale Florida State Seminoles Jersey , so operational costs are further reduced. The major advantage of the patented strap technology is that the fixing won’t loosen, unlike clamping mechanisms which loosen over time from a condition called ‘creep’.

Strap technology is particularly important, as it can be impossible to determine if a clamp has loosened and the spectator is at risk of falling.

Improved Way-Finding

The location of seat and row numbers is designed to improve way-finding within the venue. The High Rail System ensures that row numbers are clearly visible above obstructions such as steps and seat numbers are as close to eye level as possible. Seat numbers are not tilted downwards, as with some other seating products.

Clear lenses protect number decals and allow for easy replacement or interchange with seat customisation for particular events.
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