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The following is a guide on a way to employ a plumbing snake :

1. Set Up : Before employing a plumber's snake, ensure you have towels and a bucket to gather any water that may run over on the floor. Put on gloves as the snake wire can get grimy and slimy.
2. Access the Drain : Remove the drain cover
3. Feed in the Plumbing Snake : begin with the smallest snake that you have. If it doesn't work, use a larger one. Feed the snake's head into the drain. Rotate it a bit in a clockwise direction as you slide it through the pipe. Use caution not to damage sinks, toilets, and pipes.
4. Locate the Clog : Keep feeding in the snake while revolving till you hit the blockage. Keep repositioning the grip within two inches of the entry way to the pipe as you feed the snake into the drain.
If you can't locate the obstruction, run the snake in through the branch pipe. If there does not appear to be a clog in the branch pipe, the blockage might be in the main waste and vent stack, or in the sewer line. You'll have to call a plumber.
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