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Wood doors advantages:

1, wood door recipe system with a certain proportion of auxiliary material into the stabilizer, blowing agents, modifiers and the like, all kinds of ingredients according to strict mixing ratio, effectively ensure product quality foam sheet.
2, wood door and durable, long life, there is the appearance of wood, plastic products higher than hardness, rigidity and has excellent physical properties and good stability than the timber size, will not crack, warp, no wood knots, twill . With the doors of secondary processing, sawing, planing, bonding, with nails or screws.
3, WPC water absorption of only 0.2%, good waterproof performance, and corrosion, mildew, anti-moth, has the dual characteristics of wood and plastic, wood suite door except to use it in the room outside the room, especially suitable temperature, humidity, poorly ventilated places such as moist toilet required corrosion, mildew, moth storage room.
4, flame retardant good wood wood door suite doors in case of fire no combustion, automatically turns off after leaving alive. Tested Guoqiang wood suite door oxygen index of 48, its fire resistance rating of B1 level, this performance LongQiao Wood plastic suit door will greatly enhance the residential home fire safety point.
5, wood door insulation, noise performance is good wood suite door using a material having a uniform, fine cell lines and specially designed cavity structure to ensure its thermal conductivity lower than the average plastic material, good noise reduction performance. After testing, the product of heat transfer coefficient 1W / m2.k, insulation performance to GB / T16729-1997 Class I; acoustic performance rating of 6, has a good insulation, noise performance
6, various surface treatment technology, thermal transfer, peritoneal or paint, according to the customer's own needs can create a variety of gorgeous appearance, but high stability and long life.
7, reasonable wood door structure, high strength special structural design line chamber to ensure that the plastic foam material ideal internal structure, coupled with excellent recipe design and reasonable production process to ensure the strength of the product. Wood doors quick structure, saving time and effort when installing wood door with Germany to introduce quick structure, Door installation is extremely easy, Door Line with Door bayonet connection, no nails or glue gun, install, saving time effort.

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Re: Wood doors advantages:

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Re: Wood doors advantages:

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