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Eco-composites is a term which is used to describe composite materials with environmental and ecological advantages over normal composite materials such as FRPs. Cheap,Environmentally Friendly Wood Plastic DeckThe drive towards sustainable construction and environmental legislation such as the End of Life Vehicle Directive and Landfill Tax has resulted in considerable interest in the use of natural plant fibres and bio-derived resins and adhesives.

An eco-composite may contain natural fibres such as hemp, sisal, jute or flax, or consist of a natural polymer matrix derived from cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL). Cheap,Waterproof,fireproof,Inexpensive,long life Wood Plastic Deck.Plastic materials can also be produced from corn and even chicken feathers. Natural composites based on starch can be produced which have the important advantage of biodegradability. A composite which is easier to recycle such as an all polypropylene material may also be termed an eco-composite. WPCs which are made from wood waste and recycled thermoplastics are also considered to be eco-composites although they tend not to have an appearance which would be considered at all natural. Timber is also sometimes described as a natural composite.

Wood and plastics (virgin or recycled) with various types, grades, sizes, and conditions are the main materials utilized in WPC production.WPC is composed mainly from a plastic matrix reinforced with wood and other additives sometimes are added using the appropriate processing procedures. Several ingredients of WPC are found in literature. mentioned that WPC is a composite composed from a natural fiber/filler (such as kenaf fiber, wood flour, hemp, sisal etc.) patio flooring material pricewhich is mixed with a thermoplastic. They added that virgin thermoplastic materials (e.g. high and low density polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC)) are commonly utilized. In addition, any recycled plastic which can melt and be processed in a temperature less than the degradation temperature of the wood filler (200 C) could be used to produce WPC . Morton and Rossi , said that the huge majority of WPC utilizes polyethylene and they classified the types of plastic used in WPC as follow: polyethylene  328 Advances in Composite Materials - Analysis of Natural and Man-Made Materials (83%), polyvinyl chloride (9%), polypropylene (7%), others (1%).

Clemons and Caufield added that wood flour is obtained from wood wasted from wood processors. They said also that it should be from high quality and free of bark, dirt, and other foreign matter. Cheap Privacy Fence suppliersMoreover, species are mainly selected based on regional availability of high quality flour and color. Pine, oak, and maple are the most common used in the United States. Adhikary, et al. 2008, used recycled and virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE) with wood flour (Pinus radiata) as filler. The HDPE utilized was obtained from a plastics recycling plant and sawdust was collected from a local sawmill.

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Re: Eco-Composites

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