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04-04-2020 18:01:50

South African Latest Music, Music Video, Celebrity Gist & Lots Of Entertainment Hub.

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03-04-2020 12:46:03
celebrity gossip
31-03-2020 17:03:31

Celebrity gossip


He attended montessori international primary school where he obtained his first school leaving certificate in the 2002. the attented corona secondary school,  and studied media technology at unversity of sussex united kindom from 2008-2009, studied media communication at oxford brooke’s  university UK from 2009-2010. He started making music at the age of 10 after his classmate gave him the FuityLoops software for music production.

29-03-2020 03:09:56
22-03-2020 08:03:37

Wall Street saw further losses on Friday to continue the recent rout as it suffered its worst week since the financial crisis of 2008.
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The S&P 500 and Dow Jones indexes were down more than four per cent on Friday despite making gains earlier on.
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All three major indexes registered their biggest weekly declines since October 2008.
On Friday the Dow fell by 913.21 points, or 4.6 per cent, to close at 19,173.98, while the S&P closed down 4.3 per cent, or 271.06 points, while the Nasdaq slid almost 3.8 per cent.

It came as New York state joined California and other states across the US in ordering all non-essential workers stay at home to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

However, the indices had started the day up, following on from Thursday’s gains.
The market attempted to build on those gains as global policymakers turned on all the taps to prop up financial markets after four weeks of heavy selling that ended Wall Street’s record 11-year bull run.

But investors were rocked during the afternoon as coronavirus fears grew throughout the afternoon.

Both the S&P and Dow Jones plunged more than 3 per cent minutes after the World Health Organization warned that world health systems were “collapsing” under the strain of the pandemic.

Hopsitals in Italy and Spain in particular have been placed under huge strain in recent days as the number of cases continues to climb.

Meanwhile, in the US the number of coronavirus cases has risen sharply.     download stilo magolide mp3 2020

21-03-2020 08:38:10

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21-03-2020 08:03:31

Joining a few celebrities who have been creating awareness about the virus, the singer stated that there are so many myths about it. amapiano 2020 datafilehost

Urging Nigerians to maintain a high level of hygiene, she encouraged proper washing of hands and cooking of meat. piano 2020 mp3