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11-09-2019 00:37:28

Growth and Development
The word growth and development are two interrelated words, used side by side, and growth differs from development but depends on each other to describe success in achieving or reaching the goals, which are important studies in modern times, and constitute the largest part of our lives.

the growth
Growth is a change in the physical aspects, and it is a cellular process that stops at its sufficiency stage and is part of development.

Human Growth: Human growth is based on the biological events it causes to you, including the body growing naturally in the early stages of your life.
Economic growth: A concept that reflects an increase in a country's real level of GNP that can be caused by an increase in the quality or quantity of resources, technological improvements, or an increase in the value of goods and services produced by different sectors, and can be measured by an increase. In a country's GDP.

كابر للاستثمار

Development involves the development of many things, manifested by qualitative improvement of conditions, and the development of certain processes to meet general needs.

Human development is the product of psychosocial growth, the affirmation of the environmental and behavioral factors of the individual, and is expressed in maturity.
Economic development: is to increase living standards, improve the needs of self-esteem and freedom from injustice, a standard concept, aimed at developing and improving living conditions to increase economic growth, measured by knowledge of literacy rates, and factors affecting productivity in a country.

Major differences between growth and development
Growth is a change in the physical aspects of the individual and society while development is gradual changes of the individual and society.
Growth is cellular followed by a change in form, while development is structural change and functional progress.
Growth stops at a certain point in time, but development remains constant.
Growth is part of the developmental process, but vice versa.
There are quantitative and qualitative types of growth, but development does not.
Accurate measurements of growth can be obtained, while development cannot be accurately measured.

Although growth and development are processes that affect each other, growth may occur despite the absence of development, and development can occur without growth, but sometimes growth needs development to reach and achieve its goals. But to reach them together, goals must be defined, and accomplished with the will, these processes go hand in hand.