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Although commercial cat food companies will use such terms as; super premium … as-Jersey/ , premium, natural and quality, there are no legal or scientific definitions for those terms. When it comes to cat foods, the source of the ingredients (animal or plant) really does matter.

Is your cat overweight and no matter what you do, your cat will not lose weight?

Obesity in cats has reach a crisis. This crisis occurred as a result of feeding them too much of the wrong foods. If you take your cat off carbohydrates and feed himher a meat-based diet, your cat will be healthier and happier. Start your cat on an exercise program like; climbing a tree, fetching a ball or playing with toys. Additionally, your cat will aviod health problems brought on by obesity that can be quite costly.

You should change your cat's diet to a species-appropriate diet

We should be reasonable when addressing this situation. Let's consider our domestic cats' origin. The wild cats of Africa is where our domestic cats descended. Thanks to Mother Nature, cats thrive in a desert climate.

A desert is a dry environment yeilding very little water. Since that is the origin of our domestic cats, Mother Nature designed a cat's body to be efficient in digesting meat with a low-thrist drive. Rarely will a cat eat plant food and when he does, it comes from the stomach of hisher prey.

Mother Nature designed a cat in such a manner that dry, processed and plant foods are not part of the cats' evolutionary diet. Cats' digestive system is not designed to extract needed nutrients from plants but is well designed to extract needed nutrients from meat. Their digestive system is acidic and short - that means that they can efficiently digest meat, bones and even most bacteria.

It's not uncommon, in the desert, to witness cats enjoying a meal of prey that's been dead for awhile and swarming with parasites

Cats don't normally eat plant food but after a kill, cats will eat the stomach content of their prey and in some cases berries, seeds and wild grass are found there. That's the only time a cat will eat plant foods. Cats get moisture from their prey's organ meat.

Cats prolonged eating of dry foods can cause premature deaths. Dry foods will absorb moisture and since cats have a low thrist drive to begin with, dehydration, a weakened immune system, urinary track problems and diabetes will occur and death will follow.

Who's interest is best served when commercial cat food companies produce such low-grade foods?

The commercial cat food companies objective is to make money and lots of it. They produce cheap dry foods and put harmful and sometimes deadly preservatives to extend their food shelf-life. This is bad for our cats.

The unproveable claims made by the commercial cat food companies that their dry foods are wholesome, nutritious, all natural and well-balanced flies in the face of reason.

What should your cat be fed?

Never ever feed your cat any dry commercial cat food. Dry food is harmful to your cat. It's best to feed your cat a raw meat diet and avoid feeding your cat carbohydrates.

In most instances, premature cat deaths are diet related. This can be avoided by feeding your cat a species-appropriate diet. A meat-based diet with taurine sprinkled on top is best. Always keep in mind that cats have different dietary requirements than humans. Doing this will keep your feline companion by your side for years to come.
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Author:? Ike Lowe is a Researcher and an Authority on cat nutrition.? His unmatched nutritional knowledge boldly comes alive in his revealing must read book.? He goes for the jugler of the commercial cat food industry exposing the terrible truth.? Get the facts www.whatiskillingourcats

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