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28-11-2014 09:29:31

It’s been a much busier weekend than I imagined and I’ll end this Saturday night with a post for the start of the Pandora Santa ornament promotion with the US and Canada. It is a much shorter period to consider benefit from the promo because it only runs until December 8th or while supplies last. This season’s ornament continues the porcelain designs using a miniature Santa and felt sack; the sack is large enough to locate a charm inside however it is glued onto the ornament and not removeable.  The british isles already ran this offer and Australia and as well currently giving these away before 12/8 likewise.If you could resist receiving the 12 Times of Christmas gift set until today is able to understand this GWP as well. Last month, we have got a delicious peek for the new Pandora Club exclusive charm which is supposed to be released sometime pick up (as soon as January). The charm is referred to as a Pandora box (not the infamous Pandora’s box, though the ones which the charms can be found in wink),
Pandora Charms Ireland
Pandora Charms Dublin

with the articulated lid that hides diamond jewelry heart inside. The inside of the lid can be engraved, “PANDORA Club 2014″, the great detail and possibly hints at consecutive years into the future. The photo is courtesy of Melanie Baer (big thanks!). I've got heard that supplies on the Santa is more limited this season, which seems valid since it’s only running for just a week rather than the whole month of December.  I acquired this little cutie when you purchase a couple of more Essence beads and possess another coming with my 12 Days of Christmas bundle.Pandora Bracelet Prices Ireland  I had been surprised this ornament is smaller than I believed on the stock photos, but he’s very well detailed!  PANDORA is stenciled for the back of his belt plus the sack hangs down his side.  It’s definitely worth getting especially if you’re considering buying any Christmas presents, but make sure to make your purchases earlier than later.In other promo news, Pandora Spain is holding several discounted prices this month starting on December 2nd to January 6th (or while supplies last): 1) get hold of a silver bracelet  and get a free snowflake jewelry box GWP, 2) buy 3 charms and get the Pinecone charm for free, and 3) buy 2 earrings or 2 rings and obtain plain round jewelry box GWP. 
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