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12-10-2017 10:33:39

There are 2 subtypes of curly hair. The first is loosely curled. This kind of hair looks almost straight when cut short. But when grown long, it usually has shiny big curls. The second subtype is medium to tight curly hair. This kind of hair form medium to tight cork screw type curls. It is interesting to note that quite often people with curly hair will have both subtypes in different areas of their hair.
The last hair type is kinky hair. This kind of hair is very tightly curls. It is really wiry and extremely fragile. It is made of lots and lots of really thin strands of hair that are densely packed together. Kinky hair has a sheen but does not shine. Because it has the least amount of cuticles, it is often very soft but that also means it is easy to break. And because of this, kinky hair is hard to grow long.
There are 2 kinds of kinky hair subtypes. First is the tightly coiled S pattern hair. When stretched out, the hair forms an S pattern and has a bit of moisture to it. The second is the tightly coiled Z pattern. This hair forms a Z pattern when stretched has the least amount of moisture of any hair type.
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