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On Oct. 15 Cheap Hockey Jerseys , 2005, Taylor, 38, was heading home on U.S. 17 and was near the Marina Cafe when a taxicab pulled out of the driveway and into his path. Taylor crashed into the side of the cab.
The wreck landed Taylor in Pitt County Memorial Hospital in Greenville, and eventually led to a medical retirement from the Marine Corps."I pretty much broke every bone in my foot. I broke my right femur, I messed up my knee, broke three ribs, my collar bone and punctured a lung," said Taylor, a mechanic at Southeastern Steel Choppers.
He was one of the luckier ones.Motorcycle deaths in North Carolina ranked eighth in the nation in July, according to a press release by AAA Carolinas.
"Motorcycle deaths have nearly doubled in the last five years in North Carolina," David E. Parsons, chief executive officer and president of AAA Carolinas, said in the release. "While registered motorcycles make up only 2 percent of registered vehicles, they are involved in 12 percent of all fatal traffic accidents."Friday morning, a 70-year-old man was killed in a motorcycle wreck in Jacksonville. Roy Ray Henry of Richlands died when a driver made a right turn in front of Henry's motorcycle and he was ejected from the motorcycle.
Sgt. Mark Brown of the North Carolina Highway Patrol Cheap NHL Jerseys Online , who rides a motorcycle while he is on and off duty, said motorcyclists can help prevent wrecks by being more visible.
"You can wear bright colors; make sure that your motorcycle lights are working properly, headlights, brake lights. The four fatal words of a car driver after they hit someone is, 'I didn't see them'," Brown said, explaining that often motorcyclists wear a black helmet, black jacket, dark clothing and dark boots. "We as motorcycle riders need to do our part by wearing bright colors."
Brown uses a variety of ways to share the road with automobiles safely."I just try to stay out of cars blind spots and almost pretend that I'm invisible, that they can't see me, so bright colors and movement of your motorcycle also gets their attention," he said, explaining that lane placement is key. "You've got three different positions in a single lane. You've got a left, middle, and a right, and you may want to move around from time to time depending on what the car in front of you is doing."
Often drivers who are talking on their cell phone Cheap New NHL Jerseys , texting or messing with their CD player will drift over the center line, Brown said.
"What I do is try to put some distance or a safety cushion between me and other cars," he said.
Brown suggests that motorcyclists keep safe by staying alert and wearing proper protective equipment, including a good helmet, jacket, pants with abrasion-resistant material, over-the-ankle boots, full-fingered gloves and eye protection.
"I heard a comedian (once) and they were exactly on the mark," Brown said. "He said he didnt understand some of the motorcycle riders. Some of them will go out and buy these big old cruiser motorcycles and theyll wear leather pants, leather jacket, leather gloves, leather vest and a 10-cent helmet. But the sport bike riders, theyre on a motorcycle that will run 140 to 180 miles per hour and theyre wearing shorts, tank tops and flip flops with a full face helmet. I see it down there at Lejeune, you see it at the beach, you see it all over."
Mary Curt Cheap Wholesale NHL Jerseys , the motor clothes manager at New River Harley-Davidson Buell, spends her days ensuring that motorcyclists are prepared whether they are military and meeting requirements or civilian and playing it safe.
Military motorcyclists, Curt said, are required to don a high-visibility vest or a light-colored long-sleeve shirt if it is daylight shatter-proof goggles, over-the-ankle boots, full-fingered gloves and a Department of Transportation-approved helmet.
"All the half, full and three-quarter helmets, whichever they choose to wear is fine, but the one they choose to wear has to be DOT approved. They can't wear novelty helmets, which are like 25 bucks," she said.
Curt also recommends that civilians don the same protective gear.
"If you go down they say it's not if you drop it, it's when you drop the bike if you have the helmet on, you can save your head. Your brain is the most important part of your body and that's what the helmet does, is protect your brain," she said. "We hear horror stories all the time of people that had flip flops on and lost their foot because they go down and theres no protection."
Since his wreck, Taylor keeps a closer eye on nearby vehicles Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys , and travels through town less often on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
"When I'm riding through town, I'm watching the other cars. I'll watch people through their back window and see if theyre paying attention and if theyre not, I'll slow down and stay back," he said. "I'll check a few cars up and see if there are brake lights so if there are I won't be surprised if the car in front of me slams their brakes."
Unlike automobiles, a motorcycle does not have any way to protect its passenger, said Taylor.
But that isn't the only risk. There is also the chance that a driver will not see a motorcycle in their path while changing lanes.
"It's a lot harder to stop a motorcycle than a car, because if you lock the brakes on a motorcycle, youre skidding on two wheels. So, basically, if you cut me off I'm going to go to the other lane as quickly as I can and hope no one's there," Taylor said.
Contact JacksonvilleOnslow County reporter Amanda Hickey at or 910-219-8463. Visitto comment on this report.
Ten things all car and truck drivers should know about motorcycles1. There are a lot more cars and trucks than motorcycles on the road, and some drivers don't recognize a motorcycle.2. Because of its small size, a motorcycle may look farther away than it is.3. Because of its small size, a motorcycle can be easily hidden in a cars blind spots or masked by objePermit To More Consumer. Cheap Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys From China   Wholesale Jerseys From China   Cheap Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China   Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale   Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping